Integrative Exercise ("Comps")

Senior English majors may fulfill the integrative exercise by completing one of four options: the Colloquium Option (a group option in which participants discuss, analyze and write about a thematically coherent list of literary works); the Research Essay Option (an extended essay on a topic of the student's own devising); the Creative Option (creation of a work of literary art); or the Project Option (creation of an individual or group multidisciplinary project). The Research Essay Option is open to students who have completed an Advanced Seminar in the major by the end of Fall term senior year. The Creative Option is open only to students who have completed at least two creative writing courses (one of which must be at the 300 level) by the end of Fall term senior year. 

Faculty Coordinators for 2017-18:

Co-Directors of Colloquium: Jessica Leiman & Tim Raylor

Coordinator for Research Essay, Creative Writing, and Project: Meggan Clapp