The C. Angus Wurtele Environmental Studies Fund Distinguished Visitor

The C. Angus Wurtele Environmental Studies Fund brings to campus distinguished authors whose works concentrate on issues of the environment, natural history, natural landscapes, conservation, and related issues. The fund supports not only a public lecture, but more importantly, an extended stay to encourage deliberation and engagement between the visitor and Carleton faculty and students over a period of time.


2017-2018 Wurtele Distinguished Visitor:

The C. Angus Wurtele Environmental and Technology Studies Fund Distinguished Visitor

Jenny Price

 Past Wurtele Distinguished Visitors:

Kathleen Dean Moore - 2015-2016

Kathleen Dean Moore 

Barry Lopez - 2014-2015

Barry Lopez 

David "Mas" Masumoto - 2013-2014

Mas Masumoto

Marion Ritchey Vance '60 - 2011-2012

Marion Ritchey Vance ’60 

Dan O'Brien - 2010-2011, 2009-2010

Author Dan O'Brien 

David Rains Wallace - 2008-2009