ENTS Summer Internships

Summer Internships

ENTS provides financial support for students who have arranged or applied for unpaid summer internships with outside organizations. The stipend provided by ENTS can be used for opportunities that an organization has advertised or that the student works with the organization to create. Students may also request partial funding for short-term internships or partially-funded internships.

Eligible organizations include, but are not necessarily confined to:

  • Environmental non-government organizations
  • Private companies with substantial environmental focus
  • Environmentally-oriented research think tanks
  • Federal, State or Local governmental agencies

Research Assistantships:  In addition, ENTS will consider requests for support for research assistantships with Carleton faculty or with faculty at other institutions, provided the research has a strong relationship to environmental studies. Assistantships with faculty at other institutions can be funded only if the student can demonstrate that there is no other source of funding.

These internships and research assistantships are normally available to first-year students, sophomores, and juniors. Preference is given to ENTS majors, but all students who provide significant demonstrated interest in environmental studies are eligible for an ENTS summer internship. Applicants should demonstrate that the proposed internship/assistantship complements their academic program and/or career goals.

Things to keep in mind:

  • You DO NOT need to have been accepted for an internship by the application deadline in order to be able to apply for ENTS support. But actual funding by ENTS is contingent on your actually receiving the internship.
  • If it is unclear whether an internship involves compensation paid by the hosting organization, you may still apply for ENTS support. You should inform the ENTS Administrative Assistant if you find out that there will be compensation, and then your financial support from ENTS may be reduced accordingly.
  • You may submit multiple applications for ENTS support for different internships. However, you will only receive ENTS funding for one of the internships.

Note: It is your responsibility to ask faculty for letters of recommendation. Faculty can submit the Faculty Recommendation Form or write a letter of support and send it to the ENTS Administrative Assistant.

  • Two letters of recommendations are required for internship proposals.
  • If you are applying for a research assistantship, you must submit a letter from the faculty member you will be working with, describing the research project and what the research assistant will be doing.  No other letter of recommendation is required.


Printed applications, including faculty letters of recommendation, are due to the ENTS administrative assistant by February 17, 2017. Click on the link on the right side of this page to download a Summer Internship Application form.


  • Be entrepreneurial!
  • Talk to faculty members for ideas and contacts; they are great resources for finding groups.
  • Consider smaller organizations where you could make a huge difference.

Contact Aaron Swoboda.