The ENTS comprehensive exercise is normally a group research project. Each year the ENTS faculty choose a broad comps theme (see the list of comps themes to the right). Groups of 3-4 students develop and carry out an interdisciplinary research project that speaks to that theme, presenting their findings in a research paper and at the comps symposium. 

Normally a comps project will involve a substantial literature review that integrates different disciplinary literatures and gathering and analyzing data (either quantitative or qualitative or both). Projects may include literary or historical analysis or the creative arts. Most comps projects speak to contemporary environmental problems in some way. For examples, see the past comps projects.

Comps process:

Fall: Seniors form groups and develop a research proposal in ENTS 395.

Winter: Seniors carry out the project and write up their results in the comps paper, usually due at the end of the term.

Spring: Early in the spring term, seniors present their research to the Carleton community at the comps symposium.