Water Resources

(i) Environmental Science:

CHEM 328 Environmental Analysis

ENTS 288 Abrupt Climate Change

GEOL 210 Geomorphology

GEOL 340 Hydrology

GEOL 370 Geochemistry of Natural Waters

(ii) Society, Culture and Policy:

CLAS 222 Nature and Environment in the Ancient World

ECON 268 Economics of Cost Benefit Analysis

ECON 271 Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment

ECON 273 Water and Western Economic Development

ENTS 215 Environmental Ethics

HIST 306 American Wilderness

HIST 308 American Cities and Nature

POSC 268 International Environmental Politics and Policies

POSC 333 Global Change and Sustainability*

*Tanzania Program:  This OCS runs every two or three years.  Students may count up to six credits from an OCS program toward the ENTS major.  A course from this program counts as a non-science elective for this track.