The Minor

Program Director: Professor William North (History)

To complete the minor, students are required to complete the following requirements regarding coursework and off-campus study in Europe. The overall balance of courses should include a reasonable mix of disciplines and course levels (100s, 200s, 300s). While this balance will be established for each individual student in consultation with the program director, no more than half of the required minimum of courses (6) may be in one department, and at least half of the required minimum of courses (6) must be above the 100-level.

Students considering a minor in European Studies  are encouraged to meet with the Director as soon as possible to discuss how their interest in European Studies can best be integrated with their major, language study, and off-campus study plans. These conversations do not signify a binding plan but rather a way to help students take maximum advantage of opportunities both in class and outside of class to learn about Europe.