• Devant la mosquée Hassan II à Casablanca

  • Danse malienne à Bamako

  • Les fresques de Bel-Air, Chartres

  • Les délicieuses marmites de l'Escalade, Genève

  • C'est l'heure de la pétanque

  • L'Opéra à Paris

  • Les macarons, c'est mon péché mignon

  • Des Bretons au Festival international de Carleton

  • Ionesco sur scène

  • Le toit de la cathédrale de Chartres!

The Department of French and Francophone Studies at Carleton represents a vibrant collection of faculty and students who share a passion for things francophone, from Paris to Timbuktu, from Renaissance literature to contemporary French slam. The department offers a varied curriculum that is designed for both majors and non-majors, extensive extracurricular opportunities on campus, and two academic programs abroad: an annual program in Paris and a biennial program in Mali, West Africa.

French is the language not only of France, but also of Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Haiti, French Guyana, no fewer than twenty-three African countries, and many islands in the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It continues to be one of the most frequently studied second languages in the world; it can be beneficial for students who plan to enter professions in international affairs, international development, law, journalism, science, social services, education, medicine, business, and politics. French is also the language of a rich literary, philosophical, and cultural heritage.