Internships, Graduate Schools, Careers

Are there careers in French? You bet there are! In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently reported that foreign languages and literatures are the top-paying majors in the liberal arts!

Carleton alumni with French and Francophone Studies majors (or concentrations or certificates) are engaged in a stunning array of careers around the globe, from running NGOs to teaching in higher education, from working in publishing to practicing law or medicine. A degree in French and Francophone Studies provides you with all the assets of a degree in English (communication skills, critical thinking, argumentation), with the added benefit that you have all these skills in two languages. Aside from the inherent pleasure of working in different tongues, the added advantage of French opens up opportunities in Europe, Canada, twenty-three African nations, and more. You become a versatile player in the field of your choice.

The big question is: How to you get from here to there? The answer: Step by step. Click on the links below to learn more.


 1. Career Pathways

 The ultimate goal: important, meaningful work (that also pays the bills).


 2. Internships & Assistantships

 Often the first step into the professional world, undertaken during Carleton or shortly thereafter.

advanced degrees

 3. Graduate / Professional School

 62% of all our alumni hold advanced degrees -- whether it be law, medicine, a PhD, or other training. 

where do they study

 4. Alumni Case Studies

 Stories of how others have done it. Meet your future.

awards 5. Awards & Scholarships

 Recognition of excellence will give you a foot in the door.


 For further information, contact our Career Adviser/Internship Coordinator, Professor Scott Carpenter ( or at 507 222 4235), or any other member of the French and Francophone Studies faculty. We will be happy to speak with you about your interests and aspirations and to assist you as you consider your future after Carleton.