Certificate of Advanced Study

With the Certificate of Advanced Study in Foreign Language and Literature, the College recognizes satisfactory completion of the equivalent of a minor field of specialization in the indicated language. To achieve the certificate, students must complete with a grade of C- or better six courses in the chosen language or area studies group beyond 103 (204 in Asian Languages).    Although courses for the certificate may be taken on an S/CR/NC basis, "D" or "CR" level work will not be sufficient to satisfy course requirements. Students who place out of 204 must still complete the six-course requirement.  Courses that count toward the certificate and their distribution are indicated in the descriptions of the respective language department offerings in the Catalog. 

Students must submit their application no later than May 1 of their senior year.  However, they are strongly encouraged to formally apply as early as fall term of their senior year in case they need to take additional courses.

In order to be certified as having fulfilled the requirements for the Certificate of Advanced Study in French, students need to complete 36 credits with a grade of C- or better in French beyond 103, including French 204 and at least 12 credits of 300-level courses.  No more than 12 credits from non-Carleton Off-Campus Studies programs may be applied toward the certificate.

To students of all four years who are interested in the certificate: please submit a declaration of intention to help us assist you in your planning and include you in the life of our department.  Filling out the declaration does not require you to complete the program nor does it substitute for the formal application you will need to fill out during your senior year.

To seniors who wish to apply for the certificate: download and fill out the Certificate of Advanced Study form, and hand it in along with your Hub transcript to Mary Tatge in LDC 340 by May 1.   Paper applications are also available in the department office.