Study Abroad

Carleton's French and Francophone Studies Department organizes two off-campus study programs:

The Paris French Studies Program takes place each spring and will be directed in 2015 by Scott Carpenter. Classes are held in the heart of the famous Left Bank, with various excursions to sites throughout the capital. Students stay with carefully selected French families and discover Paris while immersing themselves in French life and language. Each program includes a trip to another location, such as Geneva, Rabat, southern France or Madrid. Coursework typically focuses on literary and cultural studies, language, art history, and political science.

The Mali Program, in the winter term every other year, is directed by Professor Chérif Keïta, who notes: "For the visitor who is used to the comfort of life in the western world, life in Mali is, to be sure, extremely challenging. But to those who persevere through the first few weeks of adjustment, Mali, of all the countries of the continent, delivers the best rewards in terms of personal growth and of opportunities to connect with the true soul of Africa."

Carleton students' choices are not limited to these programs. Some programs organized by other schools and organizations are already approved by the College (requiring only a short application to Off Campus Studies):

The following programs are recommended (requiring only a medium application to Off Campus Studies). They include:

  • IES in Paris and Nantes
  • SIT program in Toulouse, France

If students would like to study with another program not already approved or recommended by the College, they may petition to have a new program approved. For general information on study abroad opportunities, visit the home page of Carleton's Off-Campus Studies Office.