Geology Department Events

Apr 7

Geology Department Comps Presentations

Saturday, April 7th, 2018
8:30 am – 5:00 pm / Olin 149


8:30    Jonas T. Donnenfield  "Recent paleoceanographic history of the San Diego margin, California: A benthic foraminiferal perspective"
8:45    Corrie A. Lucchesi  "Carbon, oxygen, and sulfur isotope excursions in a Neoproterozoic cap carbonate from the Otavi Group, Namibia, Africa"
9:00    Chris Parsons   "Reconstructing the History of the Proliferation of Genes involved in the Biological Nitrogen Cycle"
9:15     Preston R. Wallin  "Analysis of spring hydrology using temperature and isotope data at the Caribou River in Lake County, Minnesota"

9:45    Peter C. Lindquist  "Deformation bands in the Etchegoin Formation sandstone: Triaxial deformation experiments and implications for principle stress directions in central California"
10:00  Grace M. Pipes  "Physical modeling of locked-to-creeping behavior transition along a strike-slip fault"
10:15   Yijun Wang   "Analog Experiments of Strike-Slip Faults in Wet Kaolin: Echelon faults development and fault efficiency depend on strain rate"
10:30   Miranda Wiebe  "Statistical analysis of three different methods of measuring rock fabric in the Troodos ultramafic complex, Cyprus"

11:00  Erin L. Arntson  "Geochemistry, U-Pb Ages, and Hf Isotope Composition of the Mt. Draper and Mt. Stamy Plutons, Nunatak Fjord, Alaska:  Implications for the Sanak-Baranof Plutonic Belt"
11:15   Megan A. Harder  "Petrography and Geothermobarometry of Calc-Silicate Rocks from the Ruby Range, SW Montana"
11:30  Konrad J.  Krogstad  "Characterization of corrosion of simulated ancient glasses following variable temperature product consistency tests"
11:45  Lauren E. Michael  "Using ground penetrating radar (GPR) to image the Bald Spot: A test of concept for the use of GPR in Carleton geology classes"

1:15     Ella Fadely  "Evaluating environmental controls on groundwater flow and sulfate transport in the Second Creek watershed, northeastern Minnesota"
1:30     Ian M. Peters  "Feasibility of Wetland Restoration in Ogden Meadow, Dakota County, Minnesota"
1:45     Kaya S. Stitzhal
2:00    Eliza M. Thomas  "Bank stability of Spring Creek, Northfield, Minnesota, between 1999 and 2017: A comprehensive analysis of natural bank recovery after substantial flooding"

2:30    Aidan W. Burdick "Paleoecological phytolith investigation of anthropogenic vegetation change in Umstead State Park, North Carolina"
2:45    Alex Bynum  "Application of paleosol-based climate models to modern soil samples across the contiguous United States"
3:00    Katie Grosh  "Literature review of the Dreissena bugensis (Quagga Mussel): Impacts on the Great Lakes and Implications for the Geological Record"
3:15     Emma G. Link  "Geomorphologic controls on active layer characteristics in the Alaskan Arctic and their implications for studies utilizing temperature gradients"

3:45    Ying Zhang  "JAPANESE ROCK GARDEN"
4:00    Victoria R. Jolly  "Investigating knickpoint and gully networks using structure-from-motion photogrammetry in the Cannon River Wilderness Area, Northfield, Minnesota"
4:15     Stephanie B. Levine  "Using MODIS Satellite Imagery to Find Pumice Rafts from Submarine Volcanic Eruptions"
4:30    Mallory L. Mintz  "Tracing Sediment Source Response to Water Infrastructure Development and Management in Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Montana"
4:45    Theodore Reinhardt-Ertman  "Till Provenance and Glacial History of the Little Chicago Gravel Pit, Rice County, Minnesota"


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