Geology Department Events

Feb 16

Alexa Botelho Geology Comps presentation

Senior Seminar-Comps presentation entitled "Volcano Monitoring Results for Nearby Communities: Tenerife, Canary Islands."

Friday, February 16th, 2018
4:30 – 5:00 pm / Music and Drama Center, room LL06

"Volcano Monitoring Results for Nearby Communities: Tenerife, Canary Islands"

We live on a planet embroidered with 1,000 active volcanoes. Although some of these volcanoes are in remote places, volcanoes like those in the Canary Islands are contiguous to communities and visitors. In these circumstances, volcanic eruptions threaten human lives and cause severe financial consequences. Therefore, it is imperative that volcanoes are monitored to forecast prospective eruptions, and that neighboring communities understand the potency of volcanoes. Ultimately, if communities are made aware of their neighboring volcanoes’ behaviors and hazards, they can accurately assess the risks posed by an eruption and make educated choices in preparation for, amidst, and following a volcanic emergency. Through volcano monitoring, preparation, and education, human-earth coexistence can ensue.

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