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  • Mark Kanazawa is betting that today’s college students are more interested in studying the environment than ever.

    Beginning this fall, Carleton College will offer an Environmental Studies major. While six students have already changed to the new major, environmental studies grads aren’t expected until spring 2011.

    Kanazawa, the college’s director of environmental studies, has spent years planning and preparing for the program, which until now was offered as a concentration. But with the number of concentrators growing, the school agreed to consider a major. Final approval came in March.

  • We are delighted to announce that Cameron Davidson is being promoted to full professor - congratulations Cam!

    Cam has taught geology at Carleton since 2002.  His courses have incuded Mineralogy, Petrology, Structural Geology, Environmental and Science Policy, Introductory Geology, and the off-campus program in Italy.

    Cam earned his B.S. in Geology and Geophysics at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and his Masters and Ph.D. at Princeton. Cam actually came to us from Beloit College in Wisconsin where he taught for seven years and was tenured. His fields of specialization are metamorphic petrology, structural geology and tectonics, and his current research interests include the metamorphic and structural evolution of the middle and deep crust during mountain building and the tectonic evolution of southern and southeastern Alaska and northern British Columbia.


  • We would like to express a special thanks to Joe Harten '85, who was a history and political economy major, for the donation of a very nice set of rocks and minerals that had been collected by a great-uncle who happened to be an avide amateur geologist.  The collection included a number of very nice specimens which will be added to the Dana Mineral Set or used as classroom specimens.

    The collection contained minerals such as apatite, barite, fluorite and staurolite as well as some geodes and fossils.

     Thanks Joe, we appreciate your gift very much!

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