Laura Veirs '97 Releases "The Lookout," A Song For Turbulent Times

April 21, 2018
By National Public Radio

NPR's Scott Simon talks to Laura Veirs of Portland, Ore., about her new album, The Lookout. She says it addresses the fleeting beauty of life in a chaotic post-election America.  Laura Veirs on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday

Before the release of her latest LP, The Lookout, Laura Veirs revealed some stats about its creation, in the form of hand scribbled post-it notes shared on Instagram. Among those are the first word sung on the album ("scuttling"), the last word ("fire"), and the number of children who appear on the recordings (three).

And then, a plot twist for the number of songs written: 117. Only 14 of those were recorded, and only 12 made the final cut. The rest, she says, are crumpled up somewhere in the writing room of her home in Portland, Ore. Ah, the life of a career songwriter.  Laura Veirs On NPR's World Cafe

If The Lookout has a central concept, it lies in the sometimes desperate pursuit of stability and comfort: Veirs fills the album with allusions to our own fragility in the face of chaos, and to the ways in which we might protect ourselves from an angry and forbidding environment. With the calm and approachable sound world of The Lookout, she and Martine craft yet another much-needed buffer against the din outside our doors.  Laura Veirs On NPR's First Listen

Many songwriters have absorbed and reflected on the angst of 2018, and Laura Veirsis no exception. But what a welcome feat of alchemy she performs. The title track from her new album, The Lookout, picks up threads of unease and alienation, then weaves them into a tight, sunny tribute to Veirs' husband, the producer Tucker Martine. By tapping into a love that doesn't have to be pursued or pined for, she conveys complete emotional availability.  Laura Veirs Sings An Ode To Stable Love

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