Leah Morgan '04 honored by IAG at Goldschmidt conference in Prague

January 2, 2012
By Elements December 2011

The IAG presented its sixth Early Career Researcher Award at the Goldschmidt Conference in Prague (August 2011). Now a well-established annual event, this award is based on the abstracts submitted for presentation at either poster or oral sessions; this year the IAG’s jury had a record 1150 contributions to consider. We report with great plea- sure that the winner of the 2011 award isDr. Leah Morgan from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam for her abstract entitled “Improving the Accuracy of the 40Ar/39Ar Geochronometer.” Leah’s work was judged a significant advancement in improving data quality in the K/Ar radioac- tive decay system. Her work focuses on using metrologically rigorous methods for refining the decay parameters within the branched K/Ar and K/Ca decay chain. The panel of IAG judges and the IAG Governing Council recognize her work to be of key relevance to our Society’s core goal of improved geochemical metrology.

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