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This page has links to approximately three quarters of the people who were geology majors at Carleton College.

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  • Sam Bacon '17 is an Educational Associate in Geology at Carleton College.
  • Peter Barron '17 is a graduate student in coastal and underwater geology at the University of Delaware.
  • Charles Linneman '17 interned in Alaska with the National Park Service.
  • Mara MacDonell '17 is a Program Associate for Bright Futures for Early Childhood and Families in Colorado.
  • Haley Olson '17 is a Geology Department Study Abroad Teaching Assistant at Carleton College.
  • Emily Ross '17 is spending this year as a Watson Fellow studying the intersection of geology and ceramics in several countries.  Here is a news story which explains her Watson project.
  • Chloe Rouhandeh '17 is a Corporate Strategy Associate at Abeona Therapeutics Inc. in New York.
  • Jesse Rubin '17 is a Software Engineer at Direct Dimensions in Maryland.
  • Aaron Schwab '17 is a Research Assistant at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
  • Perrin Stein '17 is a News Reporter with the Gillette News Record in Wyoming.  Here is one of her stories, this one about a man charged with murder who is contesting the court's ruling that he is in need of psychiatric treatment.
  • Anna Thompson '17 is a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Iowa State University.
  • Seth Waag-Swift '17 is an Educational Associate in Geology at Carleton College.
  • Charlotte Beal '16 is a Team Leader with City Year Little Rock in Arkansas.
  • Ilana Crankshaw '16 is an Engineering and Resource Planning Intern at the Sonoma County Water Agency in the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Elizabeth Davis '16 earned a masters in Mediterranean Archaeology at University College London in England and now is an Academic Administrative Assistant in Romance Languages at St. Olaf College.
  • Sally Donovan '16 is a Resident Naturalist for the Alliance for a Sustainable Amazon in Peru.
  • Sarah Jordan '16 is an Analytics Intern at the Be The Match program operated by the National Marrow Donor Program in the Twin Cities.
  • Caroline Lauth '16 is an Independent Studies Coordinator and Medical Coordinator at The Outdoor Academy in North Carolina.
  • George McAneny '16 is working on a Masters in Geology at Humboldt State University in California.
  • Shanti Penprase '16 is a Program Assistant with the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization in the Twin Cities.
  • Forrest Williams '16 is studying stream bank erosional processes and associated phenomena at Iowa State University.
  • Lydia Auner '15 is an environmental scientist with TRC Companies in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • Anders Berglund '15 is back in Minnesota after a sojourn in eastern Europe immersing himself and learning about the hospitality industry.
  • Leah Cromer '15 is a Hydrologic Technician with the U.S. Forest Service in Massachusetts.
  • Luke Fairchild '15 is a PhD student at UC Berkeley with emphases on paleomagnetism, true polar wander, impact cratering, and geodynamics.  One of his projects on the Midcontinent Rift Magmatism was published in GeoScience World.
  • Bill Grimm '15 is a Staff Geologist at The Riley Group in Seattle.
  • Charles Kaufman '15 is self-employed and works with Applied Inference to provide program evaluation for educational grants and other programs requesting statistical analysis.
  • Katherine McLellan '15 is working on her masters in water resources at the University of Minnesota.
  • Leah Nelson '15 is a Scientist at RPS Iris Environmental in California.
  • Jayne Pasternak '15 is working on a masters in Theology at The Augustine Institute in New York.
  • Jeremy Randolph-Flagg '15 is working on a Masters in Geology at Iowa State University.
  • Ian Reeves '15 is a PhD student in Coastal Environmental Change at the University of North Carolina.
  • Lauren Salberg '15 is a Geologist with Woodard and Curran in California in California.
  • Emma Schneider '15 is a Petrography and Chemistry Technician at American Engineering Testing in St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Jackson Vanfleet-Brown '15 recently completed Basic Officer Training to become an Ensign for NOAA (scroll down to the very bottom of the page).


  • Jonathan Aronson '09 is a 7th Grade Math Teacher at Fairview Middle School in the Memphis City Schools.
  • Kathryn Buckner '09 is a Senior Staff Counsel at the South Carolina Administrative Law Court.
  • Lauren Colwell '09 is a Senior Project Consultant at Environmental Resources Management in the Twin Cities.
  • Kirk Elsass '09 is teaching and coaching in the Ypsilanti Public Schools in Michigan.
  • Aaron Fricke '09 finished his PhD in 2017 and then stayed on as a post-doc at the University of Washington to finish a project examining morphodynamics of the Ayeyarwady tidal river in Myanmar. .
  • Mary Henke-Haney '09 is an Education Associate for the City of St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Justin LaMont '09 is a Programmer/Analyst - CRM Systems with the Sierra Club in San Francisco.
  • Tiffany Cox Leonard '09 is a Science Editor at Compuscript Limited in Champaign, Illinois.
  • Katie Marks '09 lives at the intersection of marketing and science at Cielo in Milwaukee.
  • Maija Sipola '09 is at the University of Iowa researching the application of geoarchaeological research methods to paleoanthropological sites.
  • Kristin Sweeney '09 is an Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies at The  University of Portland in Oregon. Here is her blog.
  • Phil Varella '09 is a Physical Science Technician in Paleontology at Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico.
  • Elizabeth Webb '09 is a Science Educator and Project Manager at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at the University of Florida.



  • Amy Abel '83 is a Section Research Manager, Natural Resources and Earth Sciences, with the Congressional Research Service in the Library of Congress.
  • Liz Gronen Adams '83 is a Counselor,Yoga/Qigong Teacher, and Labyrinth Facilitator at Heart of the Rockies Gentle Yoga Wellness Studio in Estes Park, Colorado.
  • Sharon Anderson '83 is a Professor of Science and Environmental Policy at the California State University at Monterey Bay.
  • Sarah Benn '83 has a web design business.
  • Kathleen Duffy Carmona '83 is the principal of a middle school in Texas.
  • Clint Cowan '83 teaches sedimentary geology at Carleton College in Minnesota.
  • Tim Cowdery '83 is a hydrologist for the US Geological Survey in Minnesota.
  • Don Frost '83 is an attorney in Washington D.C. specializing in environmental and climate change issues.
  • Mark Gonzalez '83 is a riparian ecologist for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.
  • Chris Hinze '83 is a Teacher and Technology Director at the high school in Cascade, Idaho.
  • Jim Holmes '83 is an attorney in Iowa.
  • Keith Knudsen '83, the Deputy Director at the Earthquake Science Center of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).
  • Scott Linneman '83 teaches geomorphology at Western Washington University.
  • Matt Masotti '83 is Director of Data Management at Cronos Clinical Consulting Services, Inc. in New Jersey.
  • Laura Mathews '83 is a senior information analyst at 3M Co. in St. Paul.
  • Kurt Neher '83 is EVP Business Development at Berry Petroleum Company in California.
  • Harry Nelson '83 teaches in the Forestry Department at the University of British Columbia.
  • Amy Patton '83 is a hydrogeology consultant in Oregon.
  • Bruce Pfaff '83 works on Specialty Pharmacy and Trade Relations at Gilead Sciences in Utah.
  • Jeff Pipes '83 and Florence used to own this California vineyard, but they recently sold it.
  • Dave Purkey '83 runs the Northern California office of the Stockholm Environment Institute with a focus on water quality and management.
  • Scott Ritger '83 is VP of Geology at OneMap Mineral Services LLC in Denver.
  • Steve Robertson '83 is a senior hydrologist for the Minnesota Department of Health.
  • Susan Dolgin Ruggles '83 is the Business Manager at Leesburg Open Arms Child Development Center in Virginia.
  • Christina Seeburger '83 is an anesthesiologist at Pacific Anesthesia in Tacoma, Washington.
  • Gustavo Tolson '83 teaches geology at the Instituto de Geologia at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.
  • Cecilia Warner '83 is a Master Tax Advisor for H&R Block in Minnesota.
  • Jane Woodwell Soper '83 teaches math and social studies and is Assistant Head of the Primary School at Viewpoint School in Calabasas, California.
  • Matt Zukowski '83 is the Operations Manager for Paug-Vik Development Corporation in Alaska.


  • Roy Kruse '71, after a long career as a manager for religious non-profits, is now a Transit Operator at Schmitty and Sons Inc. in the Twin Cities.
  • Karen Lubke '71 owns Stoneking Geological Consultants in Houston.
  • Mark Reed '71 is a professor of economic geology at the University of Oregon.

1960s and earlier

  • Norris Jones '59, is a retired geology professor at the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh.
  • Fred Marschner '58 is a Financial Representative of Northwestern Mutual Life.
  • Dante Stephensen '58 operated the legendary restaurant Dante's Down The Hatch in Atlanta until it closed in 2013.  Dante also owns a private railroad car which was written up in the Smithsonian Magazine.
  • Pat Bickford '54 is an emeritus professor of petrology at Syracuse University.
  • Gary Ernst '53 is an emeritus professor of petrology and tectonics at Stanford University. Here's his Wikipedia page.
  • George McGill '53 is an emeritus professor of structural and planetary geology at the University of Massachusetts.
  • James Dorman '49 is an emeritus research professor at the Center for Earthquake Research and Information at the University of Memphis.