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Cam Davidson
Cameron Davidson Profile
Chair of Geology
Director of Carleton's Interdisciplinary Science and Math Initiative
Professor of Geology

Wisconsin (Madison), B.S.; Princeton, Ph.D. Dr. Davidson's main teaching responsibilities are Introduction to Geology, Mineralogy, Petrology, and Structural Geology. His current research focuses on the tectonometamorphic evolution of south-central and Southeast Alaska.

Clint Cowan
Clint Cowan ’83 Profile
Professor of Geology
Off Campus: Spring 2019, Spring 2020

Carleton, B.A.; Michigan (Ann Arbor), M.Sc.; Queen's University (Canada), Ph.D. Dr. Cowan's main teaching responsibilities are sedimentology and stratigraphy, introductory geology and paleontology. He also teaches a seminar in chaos and non-linear dynamics in the earth sciences. His research interests are in Lower Paleozoic carbonate rocks, and modern carbonate environments

Bereket Haileab
Bereket Haileab Profile
Professor of Geology

Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, B.S.; University of Utah, M.S., Ph.D. Dr. Haileab's main teaching responsibilities are mineralogy and petrology. His research interests are in volcanic ashes and Hominid evolution in East Africa. Bereket's home page

Mary Savina
Mary Savina ’72 Profile
Charles L. Denison Professor of Geology
Co-Director of Archaeology
Off Campus: Spring 2019

Carleton, B.A.; California (Berkeley), M.A., Ph.D. Dr. Savina teaches geomorphology, geology of soils, hydrology, and environmental geology. She is active in the Archaeology and Environmental Studies programs and is also the geology department liaison for students seeking teacher certification in earth sciences. Her professional work centers on geological education and on the archaeology of Greece.

Sarah Titus
Sarah Titus Profile
Professor of Geology

Oberlin College, B.A; University of Wisconsin-Madison, M.S.; University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D. Dr. Titus teaches introduction to geology, tectonics, structural geology and geophysics. Her current research is focused on deformation across large strike-slip faults including the San Andreas fault in central California. Sarah's web page.

Dan Maxbauer
Dan Maxbauer Profile
Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology
Adrian Castro
Adrian Castro Profile
Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology

Emeriti Faculty

Ed Buchwald
Ed Buchwald Profile
McBride Professor of Geology and Environmental Studies, Emeritus


Jon Cooper on the Jurassic Coast of England
Jonathon Cooper
Technical Director in Geology

Western Washington University, B.S. has experience in geological field work, thin-section and sample preparation, and geological analytical techniques.

Tami Little
Tami Little Profile
Administrative Assistant in Chemistry
Administrative Assistant in Geology
Ian Peters
Ian Peters ’18 Profile
Educational Associate in Geology