Funding Guidelines

Geology majors interested in conducting independent, original projects such as integrative exercises or other projects requiring financial support may apply for funding. Most projects do not require an exorbitant amount of funding. In recent years it has become the trend to do field research in exotic locales. This is totally cool, but definitely not necessary. Many people have done excellent projects, inexpensively, in Minnesota or near their home town. If you plan on traveling to remote places money may become an issue.

Baraboo Field Trip, May 2008In the past, students have obtained money from within and outside of the college. Department endowment funds are available from the department; other funds are available from Carleton and outside sources. Look for money early on, talk to the Department Chair and other faculty members about the different funding resources available and apply to a variety of granting sources.

Geology department funding exceeding $750 is unlikely; most grants probably will be less than $500. Teams of students may apply for joint support. Requests for expenses for transportation, room and meals as well as support for a faculty advisor are appropriate. Note that the IRS has specific requirements about reimbursing some costs. For instance, if you are renting space from an independent person for lodging, the college cannot reimburse you, payment must be made to the person renting you a room. If you have any questions regarding what maybe fundable and how, see Jonathon.

If you receive funding, take note of where it comes from; you’ll need to acknowledge the source of funding in your paper and talk.

In addition to a formal proposal, your funding request should contain a detailed project budget. 

Guide for estimating expenses for allowable items:

  • For room and board (camping in most cases), use a rate of $30.00 per day. Overseas, add a maximum of 20%.
  • Transportation - current college rate of $0.14/mile (07/12) for personal auto. If a college car is used, the college mileage fee for the particular car will apply. Least expensive airfare when air travel is necessary.
  • Equipment and consumables (maps, airphotos, chemical supplies, glassware, etc.) which are not already available in the Geology Department may be included in your request. Equipment purchased with college funds will be the property of the Geology Department for use in future projects.
  • Chemical analyses, thin sections, etc. - normally a maximum of 15-20 samples or analyses will be allowed for student projects. Costs can be obtained from Jonathon Cooper. Be sure to include shipping expenses for samples.
  • Travel to professional meetings - if a student or student/faculty paper is accepted for presentation at a professional meeting please click here for the guidelines. Since this item cannot be budgeted ahead of time however, no request should be made in the proposal.