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Do you enjoy the German language and culture? Do you love to think? Take German with us! The astronomer Derek Fox from Penn State said "Take humanities because when you push yourself, really push yourself, you realize how far you have to grow and how fast you are capable of getting there." - We can help you with that!


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2018 Spring Events

German Lunch Table Stammtisch Wave new room 2018-04-14 Soccer Breakfast 2018-04-21 New Ulm 3-sided soccer Minnesota United Liberal Arts Summit Poetry Without Borders 2018 2018-05-22 Major Minor Appreciation BBQ


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For parents and students: The American Academy of Arts and Sciences released their 2017 report about why languages matter. You can find out there why taking a language is vital in today's job world. The report starts with "While English continues to be the lingua franca for world trade and diplomacy, there is an emerging consensus among leaders in business and politics, teachers, scientists, and community members that proficiency in English is not sufficient to meet the nation’s needs in a shrinking world, nor the needs of individual citizens who interact with other peoples and cultures more than at any other time in human history." Keep reading here and enroll in our language courses!


The German program partners with the International Kurt Masur Institute and contributes to the launch and successful development of the Kurt Masur Archives.