Language Associate (LA)

Meet our Language Associate (LA) for 2018/19, Tatjana Buchberger!

TatjanaHi everybody! My name is Tatjana Buchberger, and I’m so glad to be the Language Associate of the German program for this academic year!

Who am I?

In Germany, I live in a small city in Bavaria, a federal state in the southern part of Germany. Back home, I study English and German to be a high school teacher someday.  When I'm not studying, I like to watch soccer games (like every German does 😉) or play any kind of (board) game with my friends. I hope I can help you to improve your German and get to know authentic German culture. Germany has many interesting and fascinating aspects, but I guess my favorite has to be the food. I would love to meet up to share some traditional (and delicious) German food, have a movie night , play some German card games or do another fun activity. So, I am looking forward to seeing you all at the German lunch table or one of the events we offer.

What are my responsibilities?

All in all, I hope I can give you some help improving your language skills. To do so, I’m organizing German dinners, movie nights, or little field trips. This is also a good opportunity to get to know German culture. If you just want to talk with me or other fans of the German language, come to our lunch table (every Tuesday from 12-1pm at the LDC dining halls) or to our discussion table! Otherwise you can join my office hours and tutoring sessions where I can help you with some difficult tasks and speaking. Don’t hesitate to come and feel free to contact me whenever you need help!

Looking forward to welcoming many new faces in our courses!

Bis bald 

See you on campus or in German class!

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