Language Associate (LA)

Meet our Language Associate (LA) for 2017/8, Kimberly May!

Kimberly May, LA 2017/18Hi everybody! My name is Kimberly May and I’m so glad to be the Language Associate of the German program for this academic year!

Who am I?

I grew up and lived in a small village near Bad Kissingen in the northern part of Bavaria. After finishing school, I moved to Bamberg, where I just finished my double bachelor's degree, majoring in German and Political Science. I love spending my free time outside in nature, taking my dog for a walk, hiking, and running.

What are my responsibilities?

All in all, I hope I can give you some help improving your language skills. To do so, I’m organizing German dinners, movie nights, or little field trips. This is also a good opportunity to get to know German culture. If you just want to talk with me or other fans of the German language, come to our lunch table (every Tuesday from 12-1pm at the LDC dining halls) or to our discussion table! Otherwise you can join my office hours and tutoring sessions where I can help you with some difficult tasks and speaking. Don’t hesitate to come and feel free to contact me whenever you need help!

Looking forward to welcoming many new faces in our courses!

Bis bald 

See you on campus or in German class!


 You can contact Kimberly here.