Credit for Off-Campus Study, Lists of OCS programs

Carleton History Programs

(Please page down for list of approved non-Carleton programs for History Majors)

If you would like to talk to any recent History majors about their OCS programs and experiences, please contact Leslie Vanderwood in OCS for names and contact information.

Receiving Credit for Carleton OCS Programs:  Students participating in Carleton History Department OCS programs will receive credit towards the History major and the appropriate field. Carleton OCS courses also fulfill specified distribution requirements.

To receive credit towards the History major and/or distribution requirements, you must complete an Approval of Special Credit for Off-Campus Study form. If you simply want your credits to apply to the 210-credit graduation requirements, you do not need to complete the form.

Approval of credit for off-campus study can only be granted AFTER you return to campus.

In order to receive approval from the History Department to apply credit from a non-Carleton off-campus program to your Humanities Distribution requirement or to a History Major requirement, you must follow these steps after you return from your program:

  • To apply for History credit for an OCS Program, please print out the Approval of Special Credit for Off-Campus Study form, and fill it out.
  • Bring your completed form to the History Department chair (Bill North) ALONG WITH the course materials for the course for which you seek credit. This includes syllabi and other documentation of the course curriculum and requirements; copies of papers and other student work; and any other items related to the work you completed for the course.
  • The course instructor must be a trained historian.
  • The department chair will approve or decline requests for humanities distribution credit. For history major credit, the department chair will refer the student to a faculty member in the specific field for which the student seeks credit. Once the field-specific approval is made, the department chair will review the materials and sign the form.
  • Return the signed form to the registrar’s office.

Please note: although approval by the History Department chair usually ensures that you will receive the credit you request, the Registrar makes the final decision about all credits.

Non-Carleton Off-Campus Programs for History Majors

ACM off-campus studies programs (ACM): ACM offers dynamic and innovative off-campus programs in a variety of locations around the world.  Designed with a strong liberal arts perspective, ACM programs offer students an interdisciplinary educational experiences, personal attention, independent projects, and diverse viewpoints and methods of learning. Sixteen programs in the U.S. and abroad are sponsored by the fourteen consortium members of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest. A resident director for each program is recruited from member colleges. Courses are conducted by the ACM director and by staff at program sites. Brochures about each program are available in the OCS Office. 

ACM Botswana - Botswana: University Immersion in Southern Africa, Gaborone, Botswana

ACM Brazil - Brazil Exchange, Juiz de Fora, Brazil

ACM Costa Rica:
-Costa Rica: Field Research in the Environment, Social Sciences, & Humanities San José & field sites, Costa Rica
-Costa Rica
: Community Engagement in Public Health, Education, & the Environment,
 San José, Costa Rica

ACM India - India Studies, Pune, India

ACM Italy:
: Arts, Humanities, & Culture,
 Florence, Italy: (1, 2007)
-London & Florence
: Arts in Context
, London, England & Florence, Italy

ACM Japan: Japan Study, Tokyo, Japan

ACM Tanzania: Tanzania: Ecology & Human Origins, Dar es Salaam & field sites, Tanzania

ACM United Kingdom: London & Florence: Arts in Context, London, England & Florence, Italy

ACM United States:

ACM Chicago Program: Arts, Entrepreneurship, & Urban Studies, Chicago, Illinois (1, 2007; 1, 2010)

Chicago, Illinois: ACM Newberry Seminar: Research in the Humanities. More about this great program from Mira Alecci Oloffson, History major, '11 (currently at Newberry Library and  participant while at Carleton). 21 History participants since 1982!  Each fall the Associated Colleges of the Midwest offers a semester long seminar in the humanities at the Newberry Library in Chicago Illinois. During this program students have the opportunity to develop an in-depth research project using the Library's extensive collections, while exploring the life and history of a vibrant Midwestern metropolis. The program is a great way to gain experience working with primary sources in a research library, and writing and presenting original research. For more information, see also the Seminar and the Newberry Library. (3, 2009; 1, 2008)

ACM Oak Ridge Science Semester, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

ACM DENMARK:  Danish Institute for Study Abroad  (2, 2006; 1, 2008; 1, 2009; 1, 2010; 1, 2012)

    HECUA Programs - (Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs), fall and spring semesters - These 15-week programs provide learning from local and international faculty who integrate theory w/real-life urban issues. Home-stays, interviews, community immersion activities and field research, open to all majors. Brochures available, Carleton Off-Campus Studies Office, Leighton 119.

    HECUA - United States:
    -Writing for Social Change: The Personal, the Political, and the Power of the Written Word
    -Environmental Sustainability:  Science, Public Policy, and Community Action
    -Inequality in America: Policy, Community, and the Politics of Empowerment

    HECUA - International:
    -Norway:  Scandinavian Urban Studies, Oslo
    (1, 2009)
    -New Zealand Culture and the Environment: A Shared Future
    -Community Internships in Latin America (Ecuador)
    -Democracy and Social Change in Northern Ireland

    HECUA - Summer Program:  Race in America Then and Now: “Post-Racial” Perspectives on the Civil Rights Movement

      -U. Argentine Program
      (1, 2011)
      -U. St. Andrews(1, 2006; 1, 2008; 1, 2010)
      -Kings College (1, 2007; 1, 2009)

      Vesalius Brussels (1, 2009)
      -ISA Spain (1, 2011)

      ISLE - Inter-Collegiate Sri Lanka Program, fall semester only. This 15-week program enrolls 15-20 students from eight consortium colleges to study the culture, history, religion and political structure of Sri Lanka. In-depth studies include Buddhist thought and practice, conversational Sinhala, and an independent research project. Students live with host families in Kandy. (1, 2012)

        -AHA International, Siena (2, 2010)
        -Siena Liberal Arts (1, 2008)

          JAPAN:  AKP Associated Kyoto Program. Academic year only.  Students with background in Japanese live w/Kyoto families, enroll at Doshisha University in intensive Japanese language classes plus two courses each term w/visiting professors from AKP member colleges or Doshisha faculty.

          In addition to the programs Carleton sponsors or co-sponsors, students can select from over 80 additional pre-approved programs for general participation, or they can request approval for an unaffiliated program which the student and her/his academic adviser believe will further the student’s educational goals. Students whose off-campus study program are approved in advance by the College may earn up to 54 credits (one year’s worth) to be applied to their Carleton degree.
          -SIT Argentina, (1, 2008)
          -SIT Balkans, (1, 2010)
          -SIT Bolivia, (1, 2006)
          -SIT Cameroon, (1, 2008)
          -SIT Central Europe in Germany, (2, 2006)
          -SIT Chile, (2, 2007; 1, 2010; 1, 2011)
          -SIT Ghana, (1, 2006; 1, 2008)
          -SIT India, (1, 2007), (1, 2008)
          -SIT Ireland, (1, 2007)
          -SIT Jordan, (1, 2008)
          -SIT Mexico, (1, 2007)
          -SIT Morocco, Summer, (1, 2006; 1, 2008)
          -SIT Nicaragua, (2, 2007)
          -SIT South Africa, (1, 2006)
          -SIT Switzerland, (1, 2007)
          -SIT Vietnam, (1, 2006)

            In addition to the programs mentioned above, Carleton students can participate in many other off-campus study programs. You are encouraged to visit the OCS office to learn more about specific programs.

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