New Ott Family Lectureship in Economics and History

Affiliated course Hist 257: Chinese Capitalism in Global Perspective, TTh 1:15-3 pm

Leighton 304

HIST 257.00 Ott Family Lectureship in Economics and History: Chinese Capitalism in Global Perspective, 6 credits
TTh 1:15-3:00 pm
Leighton 304

Professor Seungjoo Yoon

The History department is pleased to announce that Professor Seungjoo Yoon’s Hist 257: Global Chinese Capitalism has been selected as the first Carleton course that will host the Ott Family Lectureship. Explore comparative dimensions of Chinese economic history from the 16th c. to the present, examine classical and recent scholarship on Chinese economic development, the global movement of capital and labor, and the origins of Chinese capitalism.

This course includes the extended participation of three separate Ott Family Lecturers' visits. Christopher Isett (University of Minnesota) will explain how economic historians apply history methods and approaches. Yingjia Tian (Wesleyan) will describe how a small business stood up against nationalizing 1950's Shanghai electric companies. Brent Irvin '94 (Tencent Corporation/China) will discuss the state of the business world in contemporary China. Each Ott Family Lecturer will also present a public talk for the class, campus, and wider community; public talk attendance is a required component of this course, and extended opportunities to meet with the speakers will be available, as well.

The Ott Family Lectureship has been established to benefit the Carleton student academic experience by bringing outstanding faculty from other universities or colleges to campus to lecture on topics highlighting the intersection between economics and history. This program is intended to encourage sustained interaction between the visitor and Carleton faculty and students in both fields.

Sponsored by History. Contact: Nikki Lamberty, x4217