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Department Contacts:

Chair: Seungjoo Yoon, (507) 222-4211

Administrative Assistant: Nikki Lamberty, (507) 222-4217

2018-2019 Student Departmental Advisers:  Elizabeth Budd, Andy Hoyt, Russell Li

2019-2020 Student Department Assistants: Zoe Denckla, Clay Kingsbury, Anna Lauriello 


General contact


Seungjoo Yoon
Seungjoo Yoon Profile
Associate Professor of History
Chair of History

Since 1999. Seoul National University, B.A., Harvard A.M., Ph.D. Modern China, East Asian history, Japan, Korea, Central Asia, international relations.

Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher Profile
Associate Dean of the College
Professor of History

Since Fall, 2003. Stanford University B.A., University of California, San Diego M.A. & Ph.D. He has also studied Nahuatl in Mexico as well as at Yale University and UCLA. Latin American history, society and culture, the comparative topics of slavery, obstacles to nation-building, and the role of race and ethnicity in colonial and postcolonial settings. 

Annette Igra
Annette Igra Profile
Professor of History

Since 1994. UCLA B.A., Sarah Lawrence M.A., Rutgers Ph.D. History of American women, gender & work, labor history, social welfare, historiography, women's and gender studies.

Adeeb Khalid
Adeeb Khalid Profile
Director of Middle East Studies
Jane and Raphael Bernstein Professor of Asian Studies and History

Since 1993. University of the Punjab, Lahore B.A., McGill University, Montreal B.A., University of Wisconsin, Madison M.A., Ph.D.  Russia, Central Asia, the Ottoman Empire; the politics of culture in the Muslim world; nationalism; empire.  

Amna Khalid
Amna Khalid Profile
Associate Professor of History

Since 2011. B.S. Lahore University, M.Phil., Ph.D., University of Oxford, St. Antony's College. South Asia, medicine, disease causation, sacred spaces, pilgrimages and public health. British imperialism and colonialism in Indian subcontinent during 19th and early 20th centuries.  

Austin Mason
Austin Mason Profile
Assistant Director of the Humanities Center for the Digital Humanities and Lecturer in History
Elena McGrath
Elena McGrath Profile
Visiting Assistant Professor of History
Victoria Morse
Victoria Morse Profile
Director of Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Professor of History
Off Campus: Spring 2020

Since 1999. University of California, Berkeley B.A., M.A., Ph.D.  History of Italy; spirituality and religious life; history of cartography, geography, and the medieval world view; urbanism. 

William North
William North Profile
Director of Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Professor of History
Off Campus: Spring 2020

Since 1999. Princeton A.B., University of California, Berkeley M.A., Ph.D. Medieval Europe (esp. to 1150) and Byzantium (Late Antiquity-1453); Christian thought (esp. political and social), asceticism, and institutions; crusades; late antique and medieval historiography and hagiography. Research interests: medieval Germany; ecclesiastical conflict and reform in Byzantium and the West; medieval biblical exegesis and social thought; institutional culture in the Middle Ages. Please visit: Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor Webpage.

Susannah Ottaway
Susannah Ottaway ’89 Profile
Professor of History

Since 1998. Carleton College, B.A., Brown, M.A., Ph.D. Early Modern European social, cultural & intellectual history. Comparative popular culture of Continental & British history & history of Anglo-Irish-Scottish relations in pre-modern period. Research focus on family history of 18th c. England, history of aging.

Tyran Steward
Tyran Steward Profile
Postdoctoral Fellow in African-American History
David Tompkins
David Tompkins Profile
Associate Professor of History
Director of European Studies
Director of the Center for Global and Regional Studies

Since 2008. Columbia University Ph.D., M. Phil, M.A.; University of Provence, licence in History; Rice University, B.A. Modern European history and culture, especially modern Germany and East Central Europe; the Cold War; Communism; Russia and the Soviet Union; Central European music and society; cultural history. 

George Vrtis
George Vrtis Profile
Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and History
Director of Environmental Studies

Since 2006. Marquette University B.S., Northwestern University M.A., Georgetown University Ph.D. American and world environmental history, the American West, 19th-century America, and contemporary environmental issues.

Harry Williams
Harry Williams Profile
Laird Bell Professor of History

Since 1989. Lincoln University B.A., Missouri M.A., Brown A.M., Ph.D. African American history with primary teaching interests in 19th c. slavery studies, social and intellectual history, black conservatism, and cultural studies. Secondary teaching interests include the Black Atlantic with emphasis on Ghana (Gold Coast) and the United States, and the Concord intellectuals. Research interest is George S. Schuyler (1895-1977).  

Thabiti Willis, 2017
Thabiti Willis Profile
Associate Professor of History
Director of Africana Studies

Since Fall, 2010.  Clark Atlanta University B.A., Cornell University M.A., Emory University M.A. & Ph.D. African & African Diaspora History. Nigeria, West Africa; Yoruba history, culture, and religion; masquerade and ritual performance; gender, slavery, ethnicity, religion, and performance in Africa.  

Serena Zabin
Serena Zabin Profile
Broom Fellow for Public Scholarship
Director of American Studies
Professor of History

Since 2000. Bowdoin B.A., U. North Carolina-Chapel Hill M.A., Rutgers Ph.D. Colonial America, Early Modern Atlantic World, Age of Revolutions, the Early Republic, women, race and gender in American history. 

Meredith McCoy
Meredith McCoy Profile
Assistant Professor and Andersen Fellow of American Studies and History

Emeriti Faculty

Robert Bonner
Robert Bonner Profile
Marjorie Crabb Garbisch Prof of History & the Lib Arts, Emeritus

1967-2001 Wyoming B.A., Oregon M.A., Minnesota Ph.D. British History, American West, Environmental History, American Indian History. More...

Clifford Clark
Clifford Clark Profile
Professor of History and M.A. and A.D. Hulings Professor of American Studies, Emeritus

Since 1970. Yale B.A., Harvard M.A. and Ph.D. American cultural, material, intellectual history, architecture, religion, and the literature of exploration of the natural environment.  More...

Kirk Jeffrey
Kirk Jeffrey Profile
Professor of History, Emeritus
Carl Weiner
Carl Weiner Profile
W. H. Laird Professor of History and the Liberal Arts, Emeritus

1964-2004 Queens College B.A., Columbia M.A. Western Europe, French history in comparative context with England, Spain and Italy.  More...

William Woehrlin
William Woehrlin Profile
Laird Bell Professor of History, Emeritus

1962-1993 B.A. Amherst, Harvard M.A., Ph.D. Russian, Soviet and Modern European Intellectual and Economic History, comparative revolutions. E-mail: wwoehrli@carleton.edu.   More...



Nikki Lamberty
Nikki Lamberty Profile
Administrative Assistant in History

1969-71 & since 1977. B.A. (cum laude), Concordia University, Organizational Management/Communications. Administrative Assistant for History and Program Directors of European Studies and Medieval and Renaissance Studies Programs. Hire, train, schedule, supervise student office staff. Arrange all aspects of department events, recruitment searches, guest speaker visits, public talks. Provide organizational, statistical, and administrative assistance for Chair and History department faculty members. Oversight of department and endowment budgets, catalog, course schedule, Student Departmental Advisers (SDAs), Department Curriculum Committee (DCC), newsletter editors, library, and media materials. Track History major course requirements and comps. Maintain History website and social media connections (LinkedIn, Facebook). Field and/or redirect questions from students, staff, faculty, alumni, visitors. Please contact me if you need assistance.


Marynel Ryan Van Zee
Marynel Ryan Van Zee Profile
Director of Student Fellowships
Lecturer in History
Tony Adler
Tony Adler ’06 Profile
Research Associate in History