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Hist 161 History of Modern India:  A survey of the modern history of the Indian sub-continent from the establishment of the Mughal Court in North India (1525 AD) till the formation of the Republic of India (1947 AD), including the regional states, the British East India Company, British colonial rule and the rise of nationalism. Students will be asked to consider the differences between the early modern and colonial periods, and the empires of the subcontinent.

Hist 167 History of Modern South Asia: Examines the history of South Asia from 1947 to the present. Will explore forms of government, types of economies, art and culture, and examine the role of religions in South Asian societies, including Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. Topics covered will include political violence and non-violence, the rise of communalism, conceptions of masculinity and femininity, caste class, and uses of national history.

Hist 259 Women in South Asia:  Histories, Narratives and Representation: Survey historical institutions, practices and traditions that defined the position of women in India. Examine the laws and religious traditions related to women in South Asia - marriage, inheritance, sati and purdah. Also consider the role and position of European women in India. Readings include stories and memoirs from colonial and post-colonial periods. Representations of both European and Indian women in cinema will also be examined. The purpose of the course is to understand women in India as both the object and subject of history.

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