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Annette Igra

Professor Igra began her academic career teaching courses in women's studies and history at Sarah Lawrence College, then moved on to Rutgers University where she taught women's history and women's studies courses while she completed her Ph.D. in women's history. She came to Carleton in 1994 as a specialist in American women's history. She offers a wide variety of seminars and survey courses in American women's history, women and gender studies, gender & work, labor history, social welfare, and historiography.

An article in the Carleton College Voice followed her interesting career path: "My parents wanted me to be a doctor, but I couldn't imagine ever giving anyone a shot or causing anyone even short-term pain, no matter the gain. Instead, I studied mathematics in college until my junior year, when I switched to history and focused primarily on European Jewish history. I was active in the feminist movement before I got a degree in women's history. I edited a feminist newspaper in college. I was involved in a battered-women's shelter in the 1970s before they were above ground, and I was involved in the Feminist Lesbian and Gay Action Group of New Jewish Agenda in Los Angeles. I guess I sort of fell into the academic part of it. My commitment to feminism and to the women's movement predates my interest U.S. women's history. I believe feminism is really important to young women, but some are afraid of it. They fear being identified as feminists for a whole range of reasons. Fear often comes from ignorance, and I think reading feminist work and participating in feminist activities changes their minds."