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Harry Williams

Professor Williams' 2014-2015 Ghana trip transformed into a Ghana-in-Amsterdam program because of an unforeseen health threat.

In 2011-12, Professor Williams spent 10-months as a Fulbright Lecturer in China in the study of the United States. He taught graduate and undergraduate courses in African-American social, cultural, intellectual history; served as curriculum development and graduate theses adviser; and conducted tutorials and informal meetings. In Spring 2013, Professor Williams presented the Carleton College Laird Bell Lecture, "10 x 6: Snapshots of a Fulbrighter's Sojourn in China."

Professor Williams began his career as a journalist and a professor of writing. In 1989 he accepted our newly created position in African American history. Since that time he has had a very distinguished career at Carleton College. He has been the Laird Bell Professor of History, 2008-present. Prior to that he held the David and Marian Adams Bryn-Jones Distinguished Teaching Professorship in History and the Humanities, 2005-2008. He has held the position of Professor of History since 2001. In 2010 he served as the Director of the African/African American Studies program, during which time he conducted a full review of the program, and he has also been an active member of the American Studies program since 1989.

In addition to a two-term survey course of African American history, he teaches courses on the historiography of slavery, the Civil Rights and Black Power, and the Concord Intellectuals Senior seminar topics have included Transnational Black History Since 1945, George Schuyler, Black Conservatives and Black Conservatism, and Blacks and the Cold War. He has taught the junior history colloquium required of all majors and created a two-term seminar, "History, Memory, and the Atlantic World: Ghana and the United States," that includes a Winter Break Field Trip in Ghana.