Harry Williams: Publications

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Refereed Publications

  • "'Understanding the Bag the Cat Is In': Fathers and Sons in Richard Wright's 'Black Boy.'" Journal of African-American Men Studies, Fall 1995.
  • "Why George Schuyler Disliked the Sobriquet 'The Negro's Mencken': A Note on 'Racial' Sensitivity," Menckeniana, Summer 1994.

Book Reviews

  • Journal of Southern History
  • Minnesota Monthly
  • Civil War History

Scholarship Under Way


  • Research into the connections of the American Black Panther Party and Maoist China, including Chinese representations of blackness.

Journal Manuscripts

  • "Of Hidden Transcripts and Masks of Deception: Toward an Understanding of George Schuyler's Black Conservatism"
  • "Berlin's Poster Boy: George Schuyler and the American Committee for Cultural Freedom"


  • Intellectual biography of George S. Schuyler (under revision for submission to a publisher)
  • "Skeptical Rascals: The H.L. Mencken and George S. Schuyler Correspondence" (in process of collecting, researching, and annotating)


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