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Seungjoo Yoon

Professor Yoon came to Carleton in 1999 as an historian of East Asian History. He obtained his BA at Seoul University and his AM and PhD at Harvard University. A native speaker of Korean, Professor Yoon is fluent in English, Classical Chinese & Mandarin and Japanese, with a reading knowledge of Russian.

Professor Yoon served as a member of the Editorial Board of Papers in Chinese History at Harvard University’s Fairbank Center and for four years (1995-99) was a staff writer for Hangyore 21 (One Nation: Twenty-First Century).  He was also a Teaching Fellow at Harvard, offering courses in Moral Reasoning, the Cultural Revolution, Tian’anmen Square, Historical Studies and a sophomore seminar. At Carleton he offers a wide variety of seminar and survey courses on the history of China, Japan and Korea.