Seungjoo Yoon: Grants and Fellowships

  • 2005 Laurence and Lucille Wu Family Endowed Fund Grant for Faculty/Student Collaborative Study
  • 2005 Dean’s Grant for Curricular Development, Carleton College
  • 2002 Mellon Faculty Fellowship, Carleton College
  • 2002 Class of 1949 Endowment Grant for Faculty Development, Carleton College
  • 2002 Rockefeller Brothers Grant, Starr Foundation, Faculty Course Development Support for Cross-Cultural Studies: Asia in Comparative Perspective, Carleton College
  • 1998 History Department Conference Attendance Grant, Harvard University
  • 1995 History Department Summer Research Grant, Harvard University
  • 1992 Joseph Fletcher Memorial Prize for excellence in writing the A.M. thesis, Committee on Regional Studies-East Asia, Harvard University

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