The History Major

Goals of the History Major

The History Major has five principal goals for its majors:

  1. To develop broad and deep knowledge of other times, places, and peoples and to equip them to perceive and understand complexity, causation, and connection in human affairs.
  2. To broaden their awareness of human diversity and creativity as well as enduring human problems in a comparative perspective.
  3. To develop research abilities essential to finding and analyzing primary source evidence and to engaging in an informed and critical dialogue with relevant scholarship.
  4. To develop and refine their ability to communicate clearly in writing, speaking, or other medium (such as an exhibition) historical ideas and arguments based on careful engagement with historical evidence.
  5. To develop their own sense of “the historian’s craft” and the meaning of history in their lives and world.

The History Major’s rigorous yet flexible requirements and rich diversity of interest fields and course offerings make it suitable for students with many goals for their Carleton career:

History is a rich field of study in its own right. Some students may also wish to combine their deep interest in history with a major in another discipline or with pre-professional study, such as Pre-Med.  With some planning, these combinations are very possible and the Department has had successful double majors in History & Economics, History and Political Science, History and Environmental Studies, History and Computer Science, History and CAMS, as well as numerous History majors also completing the necessary curriculum in Pre-Med or Pre-Law. Carleton language studies (Asian, Classics, French and Francophone, German and Russian, Middle Eastern, Spanish, and others) also combine very well with the History major.

For more information, please contact our Faculty, our Department Assistant, our SDAs (Student Departmental Advisers) or members of the DCC (Department Curriculum Committee).