History 395: Senior Seminars

The History 395 seminar teaches skills in developing and executing an independent research project.  Most 395 seminars are thematic in nature (for example, Nationalism, Colonialism, or The Progressive Era) and have as their central focus the development of a research essay (25-30 pages) on a topic of the student’s choice within the thematic area. In addition to relevant content and theoretical perspectives, students will learn how to find and use primary sources and secondary scholarship, structure a sustained historical argument, engage in peer-critique, and draft and revise a complex piece of research and writing.

The History 395 seminar is a required course for the major. Once you have completed it, the requirement is fulfilled. The credits for it may be counted in one of your Interest Fields. Please note: because no History course can count for more than 6 credits toward your total number of History credits, or be counted in more than one field, when you use your History 395 seminar to complete one of your three fields, you will need 6 additional History credits to complete the 72-credit requirement. These 6 credits can be taken from a variety of sources: 1) from an AP/IB History course, 2) from an OCS History course, 3) by counting a History course you've already taken outside of your three main fields, or 4) by taking an additional 6-credit course in any History field of your choice.

If you have any questions about the History 395 Senior Seminars offered this year, or if you would like to suggest a theme, please contact the Chair of History (wnorth@carleton.edu) or members of the Department Curriculum Committee.