Public History at Carleton

"Public history describes the many and diverse ways in which history is put to work in the world." - (NCPH)

Every historical marker by the roadside, every war memorial, every historical article in a magazine, every exhibition at a historical society is an act of public history.

  • How does public history differ from—but grow out of—academic history?
  • How can we communicate ideas about history effectively to a broad audience?
  • What is the purpose?

Look for these questions throughout the History department's new public history "thread."

What is a thread?

A thread lets you knit together courses on a wide array of topics that share a common interest in the problems and techniques of public history. Lower key than a formal field, this is a purely optional way of pursuing public history that introduces you to an exciting range of issues, analysis, and assignments, all of which connect to the common theme.

Public History courses offered by the History department
(see descriptions in catalog)

History 100 - Soot, Smog and Satanic Mills
History 202 Icons, Iconcoclasm
History 203 Icons for All
History 231 Mapping Before Mercator
History 235 Bringing the English Past to (Virtual) Life
History 262 Public Health: History, Policy, Practice

Public History/ Digital Humanities Resources

Carleton College History Department Public History Thread.
Center for Digital Humanities and Public History.
CUNY Digital Humanities Resource Guide.
Digital History Links - University of Houston
Digital History Resources - AHA Guide
Digital Humanities Resource Guide
National Council on Public History.
Scope Program: Northfield Community Engagement Program for History Majors.
National Council on Public History (NCPH) - Student Resources and Internships
Archives and Public History Internships, NYU


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