Public History at Carleton

"Public history describes the many and diverse ways in which history is put to work in the world." - (NCPH)

Every historical marker by the roadside, every war memorial, every historical article in a magazine, every exhibition at a historical society is an act of public history.

  • How does public history differ from—but grow out of—academic history?
  • How can we communicate ideas about history effectively to a broad audience?
  • What is the purpose?

Look for these questions throughout the History department's new public history "thread."

What is a thread?

A thread lets you knit together courses on a wide array of topics that share a common interest in the problems and techniques of public history. Lower key than a formal field, this is a purely optional way of pursuing public history that introduces you to an exciting range of issues, analysis, and assignments, all of which connect to the common theme.

Public History/ Digital Humanities Resources

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Digital Humanities Resource Guide
National Council on Public History.
Roy Rosenzweig Digital History, George Mason University.
Scope Program: Northfield Community Engagement Program for History Majors.
National Council on Public History (NCPH) - Student Resources and Internships
Archives and Public History Internships, NYU


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