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Internet Resources


NB to users: View all these websites, especially those focused on teaching, with a grain of salt. When in doubt, check with your instructor or main text.

1. . Arabic page at Omniglot.

2. . A variety of Arabic learning resources.

3. Translation, news, and analysis of contemporary Islamic thought. (please copy and paste in your browser)

4. : News and analysis on Islam in Europe and North America.

5. . Elements of Modern Standard Arabic.

6. . Pedagogical; for reading the Qur’an.

7. ; teaches the basics of Arabic relatively informally.

8. ; the Arabic Wikibook.

9. . A website on Arabic culture.

10. ; Princeton Online Arabic Poetry (various Arabic poems. In addition to the texts, audio recordings are available).

11.  From the Princeton digital library: (Islamic manuscripts) and (Yemeni manuscripts). For advanced readers.

12. . Further links of potential interest; from the Arab American Action Network.

13. . Aims to teach Egyptian colloquial Arabic through songs. This could be used as a supplement to more formal study of Arabic.

14. : The Pluralism Project at Harvard University. The purpose is the study America’s changing religious landscape. This is not specifically focused on Middle-Eastern studies, but contains information that could nevertheless prove relevant.

15. . A website for those interested in (learning) Moroccan Arabic.

16. ; this page has a useful diagram showing where each letter of the Arabic alphabet is pronounced physically. That is, it marks the parts of your upper torso that should be activated for the pronunciation of any given letter.

17. ; a formal online course for learning Arabic.


News (Many of these are focused on Lebanon, Egypt, Saudia Arabia, and Syria. Various others for these and other Middle Eastern countries can be found)

Note: Many of these links only open using Firefox 

1. . CNN Arabic. [General]

2. . BBC Arabic. [General]

3. . News Site. This is the Arabic page; there is an English page as well. [General]

4. . Arabic newspaper. [General]  

5. . Arabic newspaper. [Lebanon] (make sure to copy and paste into the URL for all the links below for proper operation) ****

6. . Arabic newspaper. [Lebanon]

7. . Arabic newspaper. [Lebanon]

8. . English newspaper. [Lebanon]

9. . Arabic newspaper. [Egypt]

10. . Arabic newspaper. The English version is at [Egypt]

11. . English newspaper. [Egypt]

12. . Arabic newspaper. English version is at . [Saudi Arabia]

13. . Arabic newspaper. [Saudi Arabia]






(Contributed by Garo Moughalian and Khardiata Tall)

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