At The Language Center

  • We offer a variety of comprehensive self instruction language programs available by appointment at the Center.

 ASL Internet Resources

  • Deaf Resource Library -- links to American and Japanese Sign Language and International Deaf Culture sites
  • -- This is a site that provides online curriculum for students interested in learning American sign languages: lessons, dictionary, bookstore, etc.
  • -- A website that provides lessons for students, with State Board Approved Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available for (potential) educators and Continuing Education (CEs) contact hours are available for (potential) nurses. The cost of each standard course is $49.95 for 4 months of access.
  • -- An extensive dictionary of signs.
  • -- A wealth of resources for teachers, but also good for students.
  • -- HandSpeak has some public access, but has more information if you sign up. The site has an American Sign Language (ASL) online dictionary, grammar, fingerspelling, and other features: Baby Sign, International Sign Language, facial expression, gestures, manual alphabet (fingerspelling) and numeral, storytelling and arts. Long-term online subscription or academic year-round use (12) months is $49.95 .
  • -- This has a fingerspelling practice site that is good for when you don't have a partner to practice with!
  • -- This site has comprehensive information about deaf education.
  • -- Deaf Events in Minnesota
  • -- Also has information about Deaf Events





(Contributed by Polly Durant)