Internet Resources

  • Quia:  a website for practicing grammar, vocabulary, and a host of other useful things. You can find practice quizzes and online practice exercises for a host of languages including French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, and even Danish, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, and Turkish to name a few. To access this website go to and click on "Quia Web." Don't be fazed by the username and password requirement - you don't need either! By simply clicking on shared activities near the bottom right of the page you will have access to these great resources for free! Simply do a search for whatever it is you are looking for or feel like practicing.
  • Conjuguemos: A nice website for practicing verbs, grammar and vocabulary in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. The demo mode of this website is free, and will allow you to take quizzes or do short online games to help you practice your foreign language. To access this websitego to and click on the language of your choice in the left-hand column. The website is very straightforward and easy to use, even letting you choose a selection of verbs to practice with and setting your own levels of difficulty.
  • Lingro: An easy to use dictionary that translates words directly from online articles. To access this website go to
  • La Repubblica: A popular Italian news source. To access this website go to



(Contributed by Julia Holewinski)



Italian Resources at the Language Center

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