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Internet Resources

Korean Dictionaries and Translation

         (This English-Korean dictionary site is also for those beginners who are not able to read Korean alphabets)

        (These two English-Korean translation sites above are for those people who already know how to read Korean)

Korean Newspapers and Magazines

Korean Entertainments (Dramas and Movies)

Note: These sites are in a decreasing order of popularity)

        (One of the most popular sites for enjoying Korean entertainments but also for enjoying other East Asian entertainments)


Korean Proficiency Test

         (Although this site is in Korean, if any one of you wants to take this test, just ask me.)

Korean Language Learning Materials

         (Very good site for students of all different levels for learning Korean Alphabets, Phrases, Words, Numbers, Adjectives, Vocabulary, Keyboard, Survival Terms, and Translation)

         (Let’s Learn Korean!)

         (Learning Korean site created by Sogang University(one of the top universities in Korea) for both beginners and Intermediate students)

  • Quia:  a website for practicing grammar, vocabulary, and a host of other useful things. You can find practice quizzes and online practice exercises for a host of languages including French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, and even Danish, Dutch, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, and Turkish to name a few. To access this website go to and click on "Quia Web." Don't be fazed by the username and password requirement - you don't need either! By simply clicking on shared activities near the bottom right of the page you will have access to these great resources for free! Simply do a search for whatever it is you are looking for or feel like practicing.


Visual Sites for Learning Korean: Christine's intermediate Korean conversation

         (Lesson1: Basic Conversation and Greeting)

         (Lesson2: Introducing Oneself)

         (Lesson3: Direction)

         (Lesson4: At the movie theater)

         (Lesson5: Ordering Fast Food)

         (Lesson6: At the restaurant)


         (Lesson8: Making an appointment)

         (Lesson9: Asking Phone Numbers)

         (Lesson10: Birthday and Korean Holidays)


(Rosetta Stone for Super beginners: Review)

(Learning Korean Language Online for Super Beginners)

Although you have to pay for learning Korean, there are places in this site where you can learn about History of Korean Language, Korean Culture, Guide for visiting to Korea, Korean food, etc without paying money)


(Contributed by Vanessa Kim)

At The Language Center

  • We offer a variety of comprehensive self instruction language programs available by appointment at the Center.

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