Online Language Resources:

http://folkets-lexikon.csc.kth.se/folkets/folkets.en.html  Swedish-English/English-Swedish dictionary.

https://itunes.apple.com/se/itunes-u/swedish-introductory-corse/id517215843?mt=10 Swedish Introductory Course developed at Lund University Centre for Languages and Literature. Free on iTunes.

http://www.digitalasparet.se/index.htm Online Swedish. Click on difficulty level “A” on the scale on the right side of the screen for the beginner’s course.



http://www.svd.se/ Swedish Newspaper.

http://www.dn.se/ Swedish Newspaper.

http://www.thelocal.se/ Swedish News in English.

Swedish Television & Radio

http://www.svtplay.se/ SVT (Swedish Television) programs available online.

http://www.svtplay.se/debatt  Debatt, Swedish television program featuring debates about current issues.

http://sverigesradio.se/  Swedish radio programs available online.

http://sverigesradio.se/sida/default.aspx?programid=3718  Tankesmedjan, a Swedish humorous radio program about news, current events and debates with a particular focus on domestic policy.


Swedish Literary and Cultural Resources:

http://www.swedishfreak.com/  Great online resource in English about all things Swedish, including culture, food, language and literature.

http://www.visitsweden.com/ Sweden’s official tourism and travel website.

http://litteraturbanken.se/#!start Selected Swedish classic literature available as free e-books.

http://www.svensklyrik.se/ Swedish poetry.

http://www.svd.se/kultur/understrecket/  Daily essay articles in Svenska Dagbladet (Swedish newspaper).

http://fof.se/  Science & research magazine ”Forskning och Framsteg”.

http://natgeo.se/  National Geographic Sweden.

http://www.astridlindgren.se/ Homepage of Astrid Lindgren, author of Swedish children’s books including Pippi Longstocking.

http://www.nobelprize.org/  Homepage of the Nobel Prizes.

Internet Resources

Swedish Resources at the Language Center

  • We offer a variety of comprehensive self instruction language programs available by appointment at the Center.

  Literary and Cultural Resources

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