Programs Abroad

Peru, China, France, Japan, Russia, Spain, Mali, Germany...

You want to go abroad? Well, so does everyone else on the Carleton campus — and many students go on two or more programs!

Carleton is unusual not only because so many of our students go abroad (approximately 70% at last count), but also because so many of our faculty go with them! We offer many faculty-led programs, which means that the coursework you do abroad is custom-designed to fit snugly with the work you do on campus. Moreover, you can take courses in multiple disciplines in the language of your choice: why not satisfy coursework in Art History or Political Science in another language?

Our goal is to integrate off-campus study with on-campus study, helping you learn language and culture in a context of personal experience.  

Oh, and if you find that our own programs don't fit your needs, why don't you try one of the 100+ non-Carleton programs our students participated in over the past year...

To learn more about the programs that are available, visit the individual department websites, or check out the Office of Off-Campus Studies.