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Feb 25

Carleton Linguistics Colloquium with Morgan Sleeper

'Analyzing language & music in concert: the musicolinguistic landscapes of Vaporwave'

Thursday, February 25th, 2021
12:25 – 1:25 pm / Zoom Meeting
Linguistics Colloquium with Morgan Sleeper
Morgan Sleeper Macalester College

The role of language in musical genre is of interest to both linguistics and ethnomusicology, and while the contribution of sung language here has attracted particular attention, the impact of visual language — increasingly important in an age of internet-mediated musics — remains less studied. This talk explores this phenomenon in the context of the internet-mediated genre of Vaporwave, in which visual language interacts with multilingual soundscapes and musical production to construct the listener experience through ‘musicolinguistic landscapes’: multimodal bundles of music and sung, spoken, and visual language. The case of Vaporwave demonstrates how language can shape musical genre across multiple concurrent modalities, as well as how the concept of linguistic landscapes can be extended to a musicolinguistic framework.

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