Evaluation Rubric for Comps

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Choice of topic topic is overly cautious a good topic, but one less likely to lead to new insight topic is very challenging but somewhat distant from the department mainstream topic is very challenging, has a bearing on a fundamental question of linguistic theory, and aligns with the department mainstream
Level of linguistic expertise displayed fails to significantly engage theory displays good understanding of relevant theory displays mastery of relevant theory project displays very high level of insight into the nature of the relevant aspect of linguistic theory
Originality of the proposal proposal only minimally extends current thinking on the topic proposal is a good idea, but tracks ideas of others rather closely proposal is clever, and is an extension of ideas in the current literature proposal is imaginative and goes well beyond anything available in the current literature
Degree of engagement with scholarly literature paper largely ignores relevant scholarly work paper invokes some relevant scholarly work, but discussion is at times superficial paper engages meaningfully with relevant scholarly work paper is clearly situated within the extant literature and explicitly discusses its contribution to this body of work
Organization of the paper paper is not well organized; prose awkward in spots some sections not relevant to thesis; occasional opaque passage good organization, with very few redundant, irrelevant, or unclear sections thesis is very clear, and developed efficiently and convincingly
Delivery of the defense somewhat confused presentation; poor response to questions some obscurity in the presentation, but the point emerges good, successful defense; some problems managing questions defense is well-organized and graceful; responses to questions display understanding and an ability to think ‘on one’s feet’