Case and Agreement Rap

A homage to Case and Agreement, in the form of an original rap written and performed by Peter Rogers ('13) and Ian Hollyer ('13), students in Professor Cherlon Ussery's Spring 2010 LING 162 (Case and Agreement) course.

Get outta bed post a 3a nap
Gonna stop at the LDC to get a yummy snack
On the way get a call from my homie
Yo, you at the observatory
Nah bro i be chillin with some snacks
Well get here quick man its time for the ling rap

Its time for the ling rap

Sittin front row now listenin to the teacher
Learning bout languages and all their special features
Dude you know bout nominative agreement
Dawg i heard bout that but in English never seen it
If you think ling is easy then you's a sucka
watch Icelandic break the rules mutha f******

It's time for the ling rap

Now the books are pretty thick and a little confusing
I'm trying to discover what these pivots are doing
Sit around late looking over the data
I've got other homework, boy we'll do that latah
Too many languages, Dyirbal is wonder
What!? Only 5 people speakin it down under?
So rich with case that boy, you need a sponsor
But I'm actually scared of is its ergative monster
These data is crazy, there must be a trick
Boy don't even try to get me started on Icelandic
This reading is tough, I can hardly make a dent
But that won't stop Cherlon from teaching us agreement