Linguistic Journals Available in Carleton Library

Journal Titles Volumes Years Medium
American Journal of Philology 7, 63ñ> 1886, 1942ñ> bound
1ñ62 1880-1941 microfilm
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 1ñ> 1978ñ> bound
Brain Research 288-505 1983-89 bound
Canadian Modern Language Review 33 #2ñ38 1976-82 bound
Classical Philology 1ñ> 1906ñ> bound
42ñ59, 61ñ65 1947-64, 1966-70 microfilm
Cognition 1ñ> 1974ñ> bound
Cognitive Science 1ñ4, 6ñ> 1977-80, 1982ñ> bound
Computer Language 6ñ10 #6 1989-93 bound
Dr. Dobb's Journal 10 #7ñ> July 1993ñ> bound
(prev. Computer Language)
Foundations of Language 2ñ14 #4 1966-76 bound
IRAL: International Review of Applied Linguistics in 15ñ> 1977ñ> bound
Language Teaching
Journal of Child Language 1ñ7, 15ñ> 1974-80, 1988ñ> bound
Journal of Chinese Linguistics 19ñ> 1991ñ> bound
Journal of Memory and Language 24ñ> 1985ñ> bound
(prev. Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior)
Journal of Phonetics 4ñ> 1976ñ> bound
(table of contents) 1ñ12 1973-84 bound
Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 1ñ11, 17ñ> 1971-82, 1988ñ> bound
Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association 17ñ> 1984ñ> bound
(prev. Midwest Modern LanguageAssociation Bulletin)
Journl of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior 1ñ23 1962-84 bound
Language 35ñ> 1959ñ> bound
(cumulative index) 31ñ35 1955-1959 bound
Language in Society 15ñ> 1986ñ> bound
(cumulative index) 11ñ20 1982-91 bound
Language Learning 16ñ> 1966ñ> bound
Linguistic Inquiry 14ñ> 1983ñ> bound
Linguistic Reporter 7 #5ñ18 1965-76 bound
Linguistics and Philosophy 1ñ> 1977ñ> bound
Modern Language Journal 3ñ> 1918ñ> bound
Modern Language Notes 29ñ76 1914-61 bound
(cumulative index) 1ñ50 1890-1935 bound
(cumulative index) 51ñ60 1936-45 bound
Midwest Modern Language Association Bulliten 2ñ16 1969-83 bound
Modern Language Quarterly 1ñ46 1940-85 bound
Modern Language Review 45ñ> 1950ñ> bound
(cumulative index) 51ñ60 1956-65 bound
Modern Language Studies 23ñ> 1993ñ> bound
Modern Philology 1ñ49, 58ñ> 1903-52, 1960ñ> bound
1, 50-66, 68 1903-04, 1952-71 microfilm
Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 1ñ> 1983ñ> bound
Studies in Philology 11ñ> 1913ñ> bound
(cumulative index) 1ñ25 1906-28 bound