Requirements for Concentration

Director: Becky J. Boling, Stephen R. Lewis, Jr. Professor of Spanish and the Liberal Arts

The Latin American Studies Concentration provides students with a framework for developing a deeper understanding of Latin American history, society, and culture from an interdisciplinary perspective, and is intended to complement a disciplinary major. Concentrators pursue a program of study combining language training with courses in the humanities and social sciences, culminating in an integrative seminar.

Requirements for the Concentration:

Concentrators must complete the following:

HIST 170: Modern Latin America, 1810-present (Winter)

LTAM 300: Issues in Latin American Studies (Spring)

LTAM 398: Foro Latinoamericano (Spring)

One additional survey course, selected from:

POSC 221: Latin American Politics

SOAN 250: Ethnography of Latin America

SPAN 242: Introduction to Latin American Literature

And 30 credits in electives.

Concentrators must also complete Spanish 204 or equivalent. Electives are to be drawn from two separate lists (Arts/Literature & History/Social Sciences) with a minimum of 12 credits taken from each list. See the Academic Catalog for details: No more than three courses from the student's major may apply to the concentration, and no more than three in the same discipline.Up to twelve elective credits may be comparative or Latino in focus. Up to 18 credits from approved off-campus programs may be counted as electives.