Foro Latinoamericano

~ Presenting the 2016 Foro Latinamericano ~

Sumak Kawsay
(Buen vivir/Good Life)

April 22-23, 2016


This year the Foro will examine the concept of Sumak Kawsay (kichwa for "good life") and its critical development and practical deployment. "The Good Life" paradigm developed as a rejection of neoliberalism. It is based on the Andean indigenous worldview which recognizes the interconnections between all living elements and beings, human and non-human, and the reciprocal relationship between their worlds.

This correspondence and complemtarity of the world of humans and nature, as defining of the good life of all, has been an integral part of the political experiments in the Andean world of the last decade and has been incorporated into the new constitutions of Ecuador (2008) and Bolivia (2009).

The Ecuadoran constitution (articles 275°-278°. Title VI: Development Regime) incorporates the principles of Sumak Kawsay in the following way: "The Good Life will require that people, communities, towns and nations enjoy effectively their rights and enact their responsibilities with the frame of intercultural life, with respect for their diversity, and in harmonic coexistence with nature."

This year we come together to understand better what Sumak Kawsay means and where it is today.

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