Requirements for Major

Director: Becky J. Boling, Stephen R. Lewis, Jr. Professor of Spanish and the Liberal Arts

Committee Members: Becky J. Boling, Jorge Brioso, José Cerna-Bazán, Andrew B. Fisher, Silvia L. López, Alfred P. Montero, Yansi Pérez, Constanza Ocampo-Raeder, Jay Levi

The Latin American Studies Program provides a framework for studying the diverse societies of Latin America. With its cultural mosaic shaped by the meeting of Native American, European, African, and Asian peoples, and its profound geographic, social, and economic variations, Latin America presents rich opportunities for interdisciplinary and cross-cultural study. By drawing upon the perspectives and methodologies of several disciplines, students are challenged to pursue a deeper understanding of the cultures, institutions, and experiences of Latin Americans. The program provides a forum for examining the intersection of issues of politics, economic development, ethnicity, gender, religion, and cultural expression.

Requirements for a Major:

Students complete a minimum of sixty-six credits in approved courses for the major. Majors must also demonstrate competence in Spanish by completing Spanish 205 or equivalent.

Required Courses: (The following core courses are required of all majors):

HIST 170: Modern Latin America, 1810-present (Winter)

LTAM 300: Issues in Latin American Studies (Spring)

LTAM 400: Integrative Exercise

In addition, majors are required to complete: Two 300-level Latin American literature courses, one 300-level History or Social Science course focused on Latin America, and 30 additional credits of electives. A list of qualifying courses can be found in the Academic catalog.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the 300-level history or social science course prior to writing their integrative exercise, and to select a 300-level course in a discipline appropriate to the focus of their anticipated comps topic. Students who complete this requirement with a 300-level history course must take at least one approved social science course as an elective.

Up to 27 credits from work in approved off-campus programs may be counted as electives for the major. Students may count up to 12 credits in comparative and/or U.S. Latino courses as electives.  No more than four courses (twenty-four credits) in any one discipline may apply to the major.