Major Requirements

Requirements for a Major:

Students complete a minimum of sixty-six credits in approved courses for the major. Majors must also demonstrate competence in Spanish by completing Spanish 205 or equivalent.

Required Courses: (The following core courses are required of all majors):

HIST 170: Modern Latin America, 1810-present (Winter)

LTAM 300: Issues in Latin American Studies (Spring)

LTAM 400: Integrative Exercise

In addition, majors are required to complete: Two 300-level Latin American literature courses, one 300-level History or Social Science course focused on Latin America, and 30 additional credits of electives. A list of qualifying courses can be found in the Academic catalog.

Students are strongly encouraged to complete the 300-level history or social science course prior to writing their integrative exercise, and to select a 300-level course in a discipline appropriate to the focus of their anticipated comps topic. Students who complete this requirement with a 300-level history course must take at least one approved social science course as an elective.

Up to 27 credits from work in approved off-campus programs may be counted as electives for the major. Students may count up to 12 credits in comparative and/or U.S. Latino courses as electives.  No more than four courses (twenty-four credits) in any one discipline may apply to the major.