The Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program encourages students interested in the cultures and kingdoms that flourished from Late Antiquity through the Renaissance (roughly 4th–17th centuries C.E.) to deepen their understanding of these periods through an interdisciplinary program of study. The program likewise provides opportunities for students to explore the societies of Europe, Byzantium, and the Muslim world in a comparative way and to examine how diverse peoples and polities have coped with timeless problems of power, identity, belief, and representation. Because the program encompasses three organically interrelated historical periods, it allows students to examine issues of continuity and change more fully. At the same time, its wide range of course offerings and extracurricular events encourage an interdisciplinary exploration of the complex ways in which diverse aspects of culture and society interact to create, transform, and destroy the ideas and realities of states, institutions, and individuals.

This minor is open to students majoring in ANY field who wish to expand their knowledge of these important and fascinating periods of human history.