Community outreach

Carleton mathematics and statistics students are actively involved in the Carleton and Northfield communities. These activities might arise through senior comps, summer research or a mathematics or statistics course.


Statistical Consulting

Carleton students, under the supervision of statistics faculty, offer their services as statistical consultants to local businesses and non-profit institutions. This statistical consulting course is open to students who have taken applied regression analysis and is not limited to majors.

  Some of the clients that have utilized our services include:
  • Faribault United Way
  • HealthFinders Collaborative
  • Local Harvest
  • Steepery Tea Bar

If you have data that you would like analyzed, or are interested in designing and conducting a study or survey, please contact Laura Chihara ( or Katie St Clair ( for more information.

Mathematics Education

Students interested in mathematics education have the opportunity to engage with schools and community organizations in the Northfield area.

  • Challenge Math Curriculum
    Carleton students have been involved writing a large collection of lesson plans for teachers, parents, or volunteers to use to provide enrichment activities for elementary students interested in mathematics.
  • The Arcadia Project
    Carleton students have created short projects for middle- or high-school students to use on their own for mathematical explorations.
  • GED Math Resource
    Carleton students designed a collection of worksheets and related videos to help adult learners studying for the math portion of the GED exam.


Other community projects

  • Faribault Woolen Mill
    For a senior comps project, statistics students designed a study, then collected and analyzed data on the effect of spinning machine speed on yarn.
  • Students have collaborated with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency on comps projects and in conjunction with statistical consulting. StatConsulting2013A