Oct 2

Northfield Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018
3:40 – 7:40 pm / CMC 206

Northfield Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium
October 2, 2018
Carleton College

Each year Carleton and St. Olaf students work on a variety of interesting research problems in mathematics, both here in Northfield and around the country.  Several of these students will be sharing the work they did this past summer at the 2018 Northfield Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium.  These talks all promise to be fascinating, but each one also counts for half of one of the eight talks junior and senior math and stats majors need to attend to satisfy their lecture attendance requirement.  Below is the schedule for the symposium.

Schedule of Talks

3:40 pm    Drawing three trees at once - Edge-disjoint Tree Representation of Three Tree Degree Sequences, Ian Seong (Carleton College)

4:05 pm    One Solvable Leibniz Algebras with Abelian Nilradical, Kyle Pohl (St. Olaf College)

4:30 pm    Spectral Analysis of a Neural Field Model, Keenan Ronayne (Carleton College)

4:55 pm    Linear Factorization of Hypercyclic Functions for Differential Operators, Jakob Hofstad (St. Olaf College)

5:20 pm    Break for Dinner

6:00 pm    Special Sets of Vertices in Paley Graphs, Clara Buck (Carleton College)

6:25 pm    Lattice Based Cryptography and Fully Holomorphic Encryption, Ani Nadiga (Carleton College)

6:50 pm    Constructing Generalized Gelfand-Graev Representations, Julie Yuldasheva (St. Olaf College)

7:15 pm     Exploring Upper Bounds of Graph Proper Diameters, Nathaniel Sauerberg (Carleton College)

Sponsored by Mathematics and Statistics. Contact: Sue Jandro