Oct 6

Math/Stats Colloquium: Audrey Malagon

A talk by Audrey Malagon of Virginia Wesleyan University

Tuesday, October 6th, 2020
4:00 – 5:00 pm / Zoom

Speaker: Audrey Malagon (Virginia Wesleyan University)

Title:  Votes of Confidence: Leveraging Mathematics to Ensure Election Security

Abstract:  As we approach the November 2020 election, many Americans are asking "Will my vote count?" Concerns about foreign interference in our elections, unreliable voting technology, and last minute changes during a pandemic make this election one of the most challenging in recent history. In this talk, we'll examine the key components of elections in America and how mathematicians are helping to ensure the integrity of our democratic process.

Bio:  Audrey Malagon is Professor of Mathematics at Virginia Wesleyan University. She is a member of the Election Verification Network and serves as mathematical advisor to Verified Voting, a national non-partisan, nonprofit organization focused on election integrity and responsible use of technology in elections. In 2018, she wrote a guest op-ed for the Virginian Pilot on the importance of mathematical audits in elections and has been quoted in Bloomsberg Businessweek, Stateline, and Slate Future Tense.

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